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CLAS 1p95


Does anyone know anything about this class? is it fun/easy/hard/whatever?
There is a lecture lab i want to take while this lecture is running, and I just want to know if I could pull off skipping out on lecture without failing abysmally.
Any advice would be appreciated!
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I loved classics. I thought it was such a fun course and I loved learning what I did, I honestly didn't want it to end.

I had Professor Nickel (and it looks like you would too this year), and the course touches very basically on popular myths. I think you could afford to skip some lectures, but this prof covered some pretty important material that we wound up discussing in seminar and he hints on what will be on the exam as it comes up. My seminar leader would always make references to the lecture and bring up some detailed information that Nickel would always mention. We also had several online and offline quizzes, although I can't recall if that was lecture-specific or reading-specific.

That aside, if you do all of your reading and find significant points to bring up in seminar and can say you know and understand the readings pretty down-pat, I think you'll be okay. If you're not familiar with Greek and Roman mythology, you might need some help putting some things into context if you miss it during lecture but I've found the TAs and professor made themselves very available to answer any questions.
thannkss :D
i think ive decided to drop 1p95 for this other course, but keep 1p97. ill take 1p95 next year. IASC 2p97 is just too good to give up.
Hey, I'm planning on taking IASC 2P97 too! :D Are you a VISA major?
nope! I'm an IASC major... I have to wait til the 7th to see if i can get into 2p97. i hope i do. i love video editing (even though i only have WMM at home :|)